Counter Terrorists FPS Shooting Game 2019

Play as FPS army commando in Counter Terrorists Strike : FPS Shooting Game in unknown battlefield.

Your mission in Counter Terrorists Strike : FPS Shooting Game is to remove and destroy terrorist bases and attack the enemies with heavy machine guns and assault sniper rifles. Good luck Counter Terrorists Strike Team.

You are a well-trained elite army commando of tactical ops teams and special weapons master. Get ready to defend your homeland from terrorists in this one of the best fps shooting games. Take action and survive on the frontline force war. Join enemy resistance terrorist and command like professional sniper shooter. Shoot to kill and release the fury of this war as you have received the call for duty of saving the people from terrorists. Complete all missions, save the innocent people, become hero in modern battlefield. Take down all terrorists in frontline battlefield with powerful guns in this fps shooting game. Keep in mind; this is a ruthless warfare mission. Headquarter is waiting for your commando action & hostage survival. So do not let your gun down.

Counter Terrorists Strike : FPS Shooting Game:
Jump into a variety of daring missions and protect the world from terrorists. Complete all the shooting missions. You are a counter terrorist in this modern combat game. Your task is to counter their strike. In this counter terrorist’s impossible mission game, you will have to take down the multiple targets. These tasks just keep getting harder and enemies are increasing in every level of this free open world game of 2019.

Latest Weapons Inventory in Counter Terrorists Strike : FPS Shooting Game:
Completing missions & more kills will earn you more point to unlock latest automatic weapons. Army commando battleground last day survival free fps shooting game engages you in exceptional battle wars games based play mode where you will eliminate all unknown co-ops counter terrorists’ shooters using your huge gun collection like mp5, shotgun, ak47, m4 carbine, sniper and grenades with latest variety of gun skins.

Your best weapon will be Assault Sniper Rifle.

Advanced Game Features of Counter Terrorists Strike : FPS Shooting Game:
Counter terrorist modern strike has amazing graphics and action packed first person shooter fps feel. Military army man is skilled enough to shoot, fight and spy in the war with radar map to uncover the enemy location. Get ready to face terrorists, street fighters and gangsters. Enemies capture army base, your mission is to clear the base by shooting all enemies with your assault sniper rifle.

Counter Terrorists Strike : FPS Shooting Game Features:

• Amazing thrilling missions against brutal terrorist squads
• Latest automatic assault & sniper shooting guns
• Frag grenade to destroy the all enemy units and vehicles
• Huge variety of weapons skins to camouflage with the environment
• Battle against unknown terrorist squad in big battleground maps
• Advance AI based enemy & on screen map radar to locate the enemy
• High quality graphics & real war sound effects to increase the gaming experience

Army commando missions & counter terrorist attack is the #1 realistic 3D fps game with full experience of action based first person shooting (FPS) game. Control the battlefield with a new tactical movement AI system.